May 2003 Meeting SOUG


May 22, 2003

6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.







Eric Siglin, President

Len Terranova, Treasurer

George Spantidakis, Vice President

Chuck Egerter, Meeting Co-ordinator

Maryann Marnell, Immediate Past President

Suzanne Papp, Technical Co-ordinator

Richard Stears, Membership Co-ordinator

Shanon Carter, Secretary

John Letchford, Web Co-ordinator



Attendance:  See sign-in list


Call To Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM               

Approval of Minutes:      





Registration, networking with fellow members, light refreshments

General discussion among members and visitors.


Welcome, User Group Update

Eric Siglin called the meeting to order and welcomed all to the meeting.


“Oracle Voyage” offered by Castaway Training is a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise that will offer training tracks for Developers, DBAs and Java Web Developers.


Old Business:

John Letchford presented a synopsis of the SOUG member survey results.

New Business:

Request for volunteers to participate on the nominating committee for the upcoming elections.


Bonus meeting: July 24, 2003.














Maryann Marnell, Eric Siglin, Bruce Elliott, George Spantidakis and Chuck Egerter will make up the nominating committee

Keynote Address: OEM 9i Release 2 Architectural Review

Eric Siglin presented an overview of the OEM architecture in 9i with emphasis on the importance of and configuration of the agent.


Many tips and tricks were given and handy line commands were reviewed.


Action items

SOUG Giveaway Items

Meeting adjourned


Next Meeting

June 26, 2003 6:00PM,

Diversified Computer Consultants

1715 Westshore Boulevard,  Suite 120



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