March 2002

June 2002


June 27, 2002

6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.




Maryann Marnell, President

Len Terranova, Treasurer

Eric Siglin, Vice President

Chuck Egerter, Meeting Co-ordinator

Richard Stears, Membership Co-ordinator

Suzanne Papp, Technical Co-ordinator

John Letchford, Website Manager

Shanon Carter, Secretary

Attendance:  See sign-in list

Speakers:  Jeff Breed, Account Manager, Baltimore Technologies

 Call To Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM               




Registration, networking with fellow members, light refreshments

SOUG membership registration.


General discussion among members and visitors.

Welcome, User Group Update

Maryann Marnell called the meeting to order and welcomed all to the meeting.


Mary Schilling has tendered her resignation as Treasurer and Len Terranova has volunteered and been accepted by the board as our interim Treasurer.

Josh Danielson has tendered his resignation as Meeting Coordinator The board has asked Chuck Egerter to act as Interim Meeting Coordinator. 

Eric announced our membership in the O’Reilly Publishing group.  This allows our members to obtain a 20% discount on their publications. Click for details.  They are also sponsoring an Open Source convention. 

There is an IOUG Master’s class scheduled for:

July 29 - August 1       October 7 – 10

Boston Park Plaza Hotel            Rio Hotel & Casino
Boston, MA                                Las Vegas, NV

Shanon asked the group at large if it would be interested in submitting a request to IOUG to present concerns regarding a change in OCP for Oracle9i.  The number of tests to complete for certification have been decreased to 2 for OCA and 4 for OCP, but in addition at least one Oracle University hands-on course is being required.  The group agreed and Eric as our IOUG representative will draft a document to IOUG for us. 

Volunteers are needed to form a nominations committee for upcoming officer elections in September.  Per the bylaws the VP will succeed to the office of President so the following positions are open for nomination:

 Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary

 A generic email link will be established on the SOUG home page for members to submit their nominations to the committee.

Keynote Address: Access and Authorization Management with Oracle 9iAS, Forms/Reports
and Internet Directory 

Jeff Breed, Account Manager with Baltimore Technologies (www.baltimore.com) was the keynote speaker.


Jeff reviewed security in a digital world with the use of certification authority software that uses public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt files. 


Two of Baltimore Technologies’ software are:

SelectAccess – a web based authentication management tool  UniCert – a Certification Authority software.

Action items

Volunteers for the nominations committee are to contact Maryann Marnell.

Giveaway was performed with items furnished by Baltimore Technologies.

 Meeting adjourned

Next Meeting

September 26, 2002 6:00PM, Diversified Computer Consultants

7650 W Courtney Campbell Causeway, Suite 875

Classroom 1


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