June 2001

Thursday, June 28, 2001

User Group News:  Maryann Marnell was elected the as the new President.
                               Eric Seglin was elected as the new Vice President.

Guest Speaker:  Cary Millsap - www.hotsos.com

Mr. Millsap served for ten years at Oracle Corporation as one of the company's leading system performance experts, where he founded and served as vice president of the System Performance Group. He has educated thousands of Oracle consultants, support analysts, developers, and customers in the optimal use of Oracle technology through commitment to writing, teaching, and speaking at public events. He is the inventor of the OFA Standard, creator of the original APS toolkit, a Hotsos Tools designer and developer, editor of hotsos.com, a Hotsos founder, and the creator of Hotsos Clinic.

Discussion Topic
  1. Performance Theory

  2. Scalability Theory

  3. Latching Theory

  4. Overview of Logical I/O (LIO) and 
    Physical I/O (PIO)

    Rule of Thumb:  Memory access is 10,000 times faster than disk access.  This may be misleading.  Observations show that LIO is closer to 100 times faster than PIO.

  5. Parse Call Theory

  6. Four latches that impact performance 

    LIO latches
          -  Cache buffer chain latches
          -  Cache buffer LRU chain latches

    Parse  latches
           -  Shared pool latches
           -  Library cache latches

  7. Overview of how to improve performance

    session trace files


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