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May 25, 2023

Oracle Database Appliance

Have you been keeping up with the most junior member of Oracle's Engineered Systems lineup?

The Oracle Database Appliance was introduced to be an entry-level system designed to be simple, optimized for database workloads, and most importantly affordable. If you haven't looked at the ODA recently, I dare say there is a lot to be excited about.

This month, we will be bringing you up to speed with all of the latest updates and recent innovations that make the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) a great choice for databases and applications alike. The latest enhancements improve the performance, scalability, and security of the ODA. Join us to learn how these new features and capablities might benefit your organization.

Come join Oracle's Paul Tsien, Oracle's Slade Weaver, Viscosity's Charles Kim, and SOUG's Troy Ligon for what promises to be an interactive and informative session.

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