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October 25, 2022

Cloud World Review - Troy Ligon

Last month, Troy gave you a preview of the session he was going to present at Oracle Cloud World. This month, having just returned from last week's conference, Troy will bring you up to speed on all of the things he saw and heard while attending the conference. Troy will fill you in on what Larry said during his keynote, where he sees the focus of the company, and all of the greatest hits from the conference. Oh yeah, he'll also share with the audience how his session went on OCW's "big stage".

With over 40 years of IT experience (35 of that focused on Oracle technology), Troy has travelled extensively, serving a variety of customers primarily in the Public Sector, Manufacturing, and Financial Services sectors. Troy is currently Director of Enterprise Architecture for InComm, Inc, providing guidance and standards for the next generation of IT services across the enterprise. In addition to being a long-standing leader in our local SOUG, Troy is an Oracle ACE and also serves on Quest's DB&T Advisory Board.

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