Meeting Details:

November 17, 2020

Oracle 19c & 20c Masters Panel

This month's meeting will be a panel discussion regarding 19c and 20c. I am thrilled to be joining the panel with several Oracle luminaries, all of whom I expect you will recognize:
  • Maria Colgan is a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle who has spent many years as the code owner of the Oracle Optimizer.
  • Rich Niemiec is probably the best known speaker at Oracle Conferences with a world-wide following. He was the first President of the IOUG, author of a series of the most popular Oracle Tuning Tips & Tricks books, and one of the first 6 Oracle Certified Masters.
  • Andy Rivenes spent years focused on Oracle's Database Filesystems, Heat Maps, and Automatic Data Optimization and is now Product Manager of Oracle's In-Memory option.
  • Charles Kim is the CEO and founder of Viscosity NA, a top Oracle Platinum partner. With certifications in Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, and Linux, Charles has authored over 15 best-selling books on Oracle and Virtualization topics.
SOUG is co-hosting this event with Viscosity, so you will need to go to https://viscosityna.com/viscosity-master-class/ to register and receive the dedicated link to attend.

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