Meeting Details:

February 25, 2020

Master Automation Solution - Vendita

Today we live in a hybrid world. More and more organizations find themselves with systems sitting on-premises, across multiple datacenters, in public and private clouds, or some hybrid combination of any of these. Throw in the fact that most shops have multiple database platform vendors that further complicate our lives. In an Agile world, all of these things are changing and evolving at a staggering pace. How is a modern-day DBA supposed to keep up?

This month, the folks from Vendita will be joining us to talk about how they use automation to address many of these challenges. Their Master Automation Solution (MAS) is cross-platform automation software that allows you to work with a single pane of glass to manage multiple database platforms across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. By embracing the tenants of Infrastructure as Code (IAC), DevOps, and Automation, their approach aids your standardization efforts while simplifying management, saving time, and reducing cost.

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