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April 23, 2019

Breach! You've just been Hacked, Now What? - Troy Ligon

It has been said that there only two kinds of organizations: those that know their security has been compromised and those that don't. IT professionals have talked for years about how bad things can happen, and ways to prevent them from happening, yet hacking incidents are in the news almost every day. Governments have passed laws with increasing penalties. The financial services industry alone has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in efforts to ensure credit cards and their transactions are secure. And yet, it's almost like we've been discussing umbrellas, raincoats, and weather forecasts, while it only takes one raindrop to get wet. We're not giving up on prevention but most security professionals agree that security compromises are so probable as to be almost, inevitable. It's how you respond in the aftermath that makes a difference. What you do next could mean the very survival of your organization, not to mention your job and career.

This month, our resident Oracle ACE and SOUG President, Troy Ligon, will be here to help you with what's to be done after a security incident, or breach. Does your organization have a plan, in place, today? This is more than just policies and procedures, it's an actionable roadmap to guide you through what can be the most difficult time in a company's existence. Troy will discuss in very specific detail, a disciplined approach to dealing with a hacking incident or data compromising event. We will discuss detection, first assessment and containment, forensics and investigative procedures, data recovery and validation, engagement of legal and law enforcement agencies, corporate governance, identifying affected parties and communicating with individuals and regulatory agencies. Implementation of these practices can make the difference between just a really, really bad day, and GAME OVER.

With over 35 years of IT experience, Troy has focused on Oracle technology for the last 30 years. Troy has travelled extensively, serving a variety of organizations primarily in the Public Sector, Manufacturing, and Financial Services sectors, including leadership roles at American Express, CitiBank, IBM, and others. Troy is currently Lead Enterprise Architect for InComm, Inc., setting database direction for the next generation of database services across their global enterprise. In addition to being a long-standing leader in our local SOUG, Troy is an Oracle ACE, and serves on the Board of Directors of the IOUG. Troy has sat on Oracle Corporation's Security Customer Advisory Board since 2014.

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