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March 27, 2018

Oracle and DynDNS - Scott Taylor, Oracle

Did you know that Oracle recently acquired DynDNS.org? Do you know how important your DNS configuration is to your database performance? This month, Scott Taylor, Oracle's Director of Solutions Engineering for Dyn, will be here to bring us up to speed on the details of Oracle's acquisition of Dyn and what it means for DBAs. Scott will also go into detail on why your DNS decisions are important to your database performance, security, reliability, and scalability.

Scott Taylor is a Director of Solutions Engineering for Oracle + Dyn. Scott has been in the Internet Analysis and IaaS space for the last 5+ years. Prior to his current role, Scott was in the Application Performance Management and Network Performance Management space helping customer identify performance issues in their networks and code base. Over the last 20+ years, Scott has been working in the IT space focused on finding code errors, optimizing performance and dealing with security flaws. He has helped government, commercial and enterprise customers optimize their IT spend and find the root cause of major issues.

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