Meeting Details:

February 28, 2017

Log Miner as a Replication Tool - Konstantin Kerekovski, Raymond James

Kons will be joining us to talk about Log Miner and how you could build your own poor man's Golden Gate with nothing more than this tool. Attendees will learn how to use the powerful and often forgotten LogMiner utility to their advantage. In this presentation you will learn how to use the Oracle LogMiner utility to increase database security, recover from logical corruption, capture user DDL and replicate your databases to DR sites. After this session, you will be able to read your archivelogs like an open book and bring utility to a set of files that have traditionally been stored in long term storage with the hope that they are never needed.

Kons is a Senior Oracle Database Administrator who spent the last few years working for me at American Express. In January, Kons accepted a new position as a Senior DBA with Raymond James Financial. Konstantin specializes in Oracle RAC, DataGuard, GoldenGate and custom LogMiner replication, on 11g, 12c in CDBs and PDBs.

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