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October 25, 2016

News from OpenWorld: New Exadata Previews and Exadata Security - Dan Norris

For those of you who missed OpenWorld this year, Dan Norris will be joining us this month to review some of the significant new Exadata announcements and previews from Oracle OpenWorld including Exadata with Linux on SPARC (Exadata SL6), Exadata Cloud Service, and Exadata 12.2 features.

Weżll also cover some aspects of security as they relate to Exadata. Weżll cover specific security considerations and best practices when preparing for installation of a new machine, during deployment activities, after deployment completes, during database creation and configuration, and then address security considerations for operational management. The default security features provided in the Exadata Database Machine platform will also be described. The session will cover security requirements for applying patches and updates to the Exadata Database Machine and review security settings and configuration that should be examined during patch cycles.

Dan Norris is a Consulting Member of the Technical Staff at Oracle. Dan is part of the Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Team in Oracle Software Development. His team primarily works on the Engineered Systems platforms including Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, SuperCluster, and BDA. Prior to joining Oracle, Dan worked as a consultant on database and cluster issues starting with Oracle 7. When not working on the Next Big Thing in Engineered Systems, Dan enjoys traveling to warm places with beaches and scuba diving with animals of all sizes, especially the big animals!

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