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August 23, 2016

Analytic Functions and Zero Downtime Upgrades - Jim Czuprynski, Oracle Ace Director

This month we are in for a special treat. Oracle Ace Director Jim Czuprynski will be joining us to present two completely separate topics.

The first presentation will be "Analyze This! Practical Examples of Oracle Analytical Functions". If you've ever struggled with a particularly complex reporting request - for instance, returning just a specific set of rows from a subset of rows already extracted, or creating the equivalent of a Microsoft Excel pivot table, or producing a report with subtotals and subsections just like a spreadsheet - then this session is right for you. We'll demonstrate the basics of how to produce these complex output matrices with just a few calls to Oracle 12cR1 analytic functions and discuss how you can leverage them for deeper insights into your database and its application workload performance. The presentation will offer real-world examples of how best to deploy these features, including detailed sample code that you can put to immediate use.

The second presentation will be "Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c Quickly With Near-Zero Downtime". While many IT organizations appear to still be waiting for Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12cR2) to migrate their pre-12c databases to the next version, it's never too early to begin planning the best way to make that transition a reality. This session will demonstrate real-world examples of how to use the latest database migration and upgrade techniques to quickly and safely move to Oracle 12cR1... with some hints on even easier methods that are likely to be available in Oracle 12cR2. Topics will include:
  • Database Migration Planning: Not a Trivial Subject!
  • Piecemeal Migration and Conversion via RMAN and Transportable Tablespace Sets (TTS)
  • Use Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces (XTTS) for nearly real-time migration
  • Use 12c's new Cross-Platform Transport (CPT) utility for simple, low-maintenance migration
  • Things to Come: Hints of 12cR2 Migration Techniques
  • Conclusions
Jim Czuprynski has over 30 years of professional experience in information technology, serving diverse roles at several Fortune 1000 companies. Jim has been an Oracle DBA since 2001 and was awarded the status of Oracle ACE Director in March 2014. Jim is a sought-after public speaker on Oracle Database technology features, presenting topics at Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG's COLLABORATE, Hotsos Symposium, Oracle Technology Network ACE Tours, and Oracle User Group conferences around the world. In August 2015, Jim joined OnX Enterprise Solutions as their Strategic Solutions Architect focusing on Oracle Database technology, especially Oracle Database 12c, Exadata, SPARC Supercluster, Oracle Database Appliance, and ZS3/4. Jim has authored over 100 articles since 2003 at DatabaseJournal.com and IOUG.org, focused on facets of Oracle Database administration. Jim's blog, "Generally... It Depends (http://jimczuprynski.wordpress.com)", contains his regular observations on all things Oracle. His first book, Oracle Database Upgrade, Migration and Transformation Tips & Techniques, was published in June 2015 through Oracle Press.

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