Meeting Details:

June 28, 2016

The Impact of Flash - Craig Chapman, Pure Storage

We have all heard that SSD's are replacing spinning disks at a staggering rate, but do you know why? This month Craig "Chappy" Chapman from Pure Storage will be joining us to explain just that. Craig will be presenting the impact all-flash storage solutions are having on the database infrastructure, specifically Oracle. He will review the power all-flash storage brings to accelerating these environments as well as the cost savings and simplified impact the market is experiencing. Pure Storage is bringing a innovative and differentiating approach to this market and Craig will discuss why Pure is one of the leaders in this space.

Craig Chapman is a Sr. IT Architect and Systems Engineer with Pure Storage. Craig is a senior-level, experienced IT professional with strong working experience in all portions of the infrastructure stack. Whether database, networking, storage, compute, or software, Craig loves to geek out on it. When at home Craig enjoys spending time reading on a variety of topics with his latest favorite being hypersonic transportation.

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