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May 24, 2016

Enterprise Manager 13c - Pat Combs, Oracle

With the recent release of Enterprise Manager 13 as well as the full court press to the public cloud, IT organizations have a lot to think about as it relates to the management of their private and public cloud assets. With the release of OEM13c, the use of a central tool just got easier. With OEM13c, one can now manage the entire global landscape regardless of location. Oracle now offers a true hybrid management solution with OEM13c and their public cloud offerings under Oracle Management Cloud Services.

Oracle's Pat Combs will join us this month for an indepth technical review and discussion. We will dig into the new features in Enterprise Manager 13c as well as the solutions in the Oracle Management Cloud Services public offering specific to Application Management, Log Analytics and IT Analytics. This will be a combination of technical discussion as well as a real-time review of Enterprise Manager 13c and Oracle Management Cloud. Technical features to be reviewed are as follows:

- Upgrade Path to EM 13c
- Agent Gold Image Lifecycle
- Always ON Monitoring
- Database Consolidation Workbench
- Flexible DB Access Control on Database Pages
- Oracle Management Cloud
o Application Performance Management
o Log Analytics
o IT Analytics

Patrick Combs is a Principal Enterprise Manager Cloud Consultant with Oracle Corporation. Patrick is a highly skilled technology professional with experience managing large global enterprise implementations with Oracle's Cloud solutions specific to Platform as a Service (PaaS) using Enterprise Manager. Prior to his current role, Patrick was Director of Business Development and Best Practices for the Enterprise Manager Cloud Product Management group. Patrick also has 15 years of practical real world experience as the Director of Enterprise Management Service and Project Manager for Applications IT internally at Oracle. Patrick has been in IT for over 25 years, working in data center operations; enterprise cloud architecture; planning, deploying as well as managing.

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