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April 26, 2016

Root Cause Analysis - Daniel Morgan

This month, Oracle ACE Director Daniel Morgan will be joining us to discuss Root Cause Analysis. Root cause analysis (RCA) is about finding the underlying issue that caused an Oracle database to crash or be unresponsive. Quite often events that look like a database issue are, in fact, the result of underlying issues with storage, network, and other parts of the stack.

This presentation will use real-world examples from recent years to demonstrate how to get past misdirection in alert log messages to ferret out the real cause.

When Oracle databases become unavailable it is often not the result of a database failure which makes finding the original cause difficult for DBAs not trained in storage, networking, and DNS.

This presentation uses real-world examples to show how to dig down past the alert, listener, and clusterware logs to find the root cause of what appear, at first, to be database issues.

Daniel Morgan is a US-based Oracle ACE Director specializing in Core database and GoldenGate. Dan has more than 40 years in IT and more than 25 years working with Oracle. He was a member of the 12c Beta test team, has taught Oracle at the University of Washington, lectured at Harvard, and is a regular contributor at Oracle conferences and forums around the world including OpenWorld, IOUG Collaborate, ODTUG Kaleidoscope, IOUC International Leadership Conference, and others. In addition to all of this, Daniel is the Morgan behind MorgansLibrary.org, a spam-free on-line resource with code demos for DBAs and Developers.

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