Meeting Details:

February 23, 2016

Oracle Cloud Platform - Mel Beans

This month, Oracle's Mel Beans will be joining us to discuss Oracle's Cloud offernings. Mel will provide details on Oracle's Cloud approach for the various tiers, including: Data, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Mel Beans has been with Oracle for over 18 years, covering many roles from development to his current focus working with Key Oracle Partners. Mel's work with Oracle database technology started with Oracle 7 and has continued thru the current Oracle 12c release, working to educate customers regarding the value of the Oracle Red Stack.

Mel has expanded his focus past the core database technology to now include such technology as Cloud, IoT, BI, and Mobile. Now with Oracle's extreme focus on the Cloud offerings, Mel is assisting Oracle Partners understand the value of the Oracle Cloud compared to other Cloud vendor offerings.

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