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June 24, 2015

ASHtools and Visualizations - Craig Shallahamer, OraPub

Oracle Ace Director, Craig Shallahamer, will be joining us this Wednesday to share his latest research into Oracle's ASH subsystem. He'll talk about when to use ASH vs. DB time-based analysis. We'll go into the cool new BloodHound tool he recently developed to simplify utilizing ASH data for your analysis. BloodHound has been added to his OSM Toolkit that you can download for FREE from the OraPub website. Craig will also be showing BloodHound's awesome Visualization tool that he developed using the Open Source "R" language. He'll download and install R as part of the demo so you'll be ready to go back to your office and setup BloodHound for your immediate use.

Craig Shallahamer is a long time Oracle DBA (1989) who specializes in Oracle performance and started the OraPub.com website in 1995. Craig is also an Oracle ACE Director, performance researcher and blogger, consultant, author of two books (Oracle Performance Firefighting, Forecasting Oracle Performance), an enthusiastic conference speaker, and a passionate teacher to thousands of Oracle professionals. He is the founder and president of OraPub, creator of the performance analysis tool, Stori, and clearly pushes the teaching envelope with his online seminars! His blog, A Wider View, is where to find his most recent public performance research.

Craig grew up in Arcadia, CA and is an Economics and Management Information Systems graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (where he met his lovely wife, Katrina). He enjoys riding his Honda VFR 800 Interceptor on the winding roads of Oregon. He can be contacted at craig@orapub.com, @cshallahamer, Linkedin and Xing.

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