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April 22, 2015

RDBMS 12c New Features - Gary McKoy

Two months ago, Oracle's Gary McKoy joined us to talk about New Features in Oracle Database 12c. With all of the new goodies in 12c, one evening was not enough to allow Gary to get thru all of the topics we wanted to talk about. Gary has been kind enough to rejoin us this month to pick up where he left off and bring us up to speed on the rest of the new features in 12c.

Gary McKoy has been a Solutions Architect in the Finance and Communications industries for the past 30 years with an emphasis on database and high-availablity. He has been involved in deploying clustered Oracle database solutions, using Oracle Parallel Server and Real Application Clusters, as an Oracle technology specialist since 1996. Prior to joining Oracle, Gary was a database specialist and system engineering manager with Sybase and IBM. He has received numerous awards including System Engineering Manager of the Year with IBM.

We hope to see you this Wednesday at 4:30pm at the Eagle Datagistics office, 111 2nd Ave NE, Suite 1006, St.Petersburg, FL 33701.

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