Meeting Details:

September 23, 2014

High Availability DB on the Cheap - Bill Petro

This month we return to our regular New Horizons meeting location and SOUG's Bill Petro will be our featured speaker. Bill has been working with Oracle VM for several years and this month he will share his insight in how to leverage OVM, Oracle Linux, ASM, and DataGuard to provide an enterprise class High Availability solution at a license-compliant, bargain basement price.

The presentation will illustrate a successful enterprise level migration of Oracle databases from Windows-based bare metal servers to fully virtualized Oracle Linux/Oracle VM Server Virtual Machines. The example architecture will include Oracle VM features implemented include CPU isolation (for Oracle license savings), database/VM live server migration using Oracle VM server clustering (for minimal downtime from hardware failure/maintenance), and VM templating/cloning (for consistent/efficient environment creation).

Bill Petro has been working with Oracle for over 10 years including stints working for Oracle Corp., Merck, Fintech, and Nielsen. He is currently a Lead Oracle DBA for American Express Serve in St. Petersburg.

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