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August 26, 2014

Oracle Smart Scan - Roger MacNicol, Oracle

This month's meeting is once again at the Eagle Datagistics office, 111 2nd Ave NE, Suite 1006, St.Petersburg, FL 33701

Have you ever wondered just exactly how Oracle's Exadata machines achieve their blinding performance? One of the key contributors is their Smart Scan technology. I'm thrilled to announce that this month we will have Roger MacNicol in from Oracle Development to give us the inside scoop on how Smart Scan actually works. For those of you that don't recognize Roger's name, besides many other interesting things he has under his belt, he is currently Lead Engineer and Code Owner for the Filter Processing Library (commonly known as Exadata Smart Scan). He is also Code Owner for Hybrid Columnar Compression Query Processing and Code Owner for the RDBMS Table Scan Driver. This is the guy who can tell us how these things really work.

The presentation will be a Top-down walk through of how queries are processed in Exadata SmartScan:
  • How the table scan driver works
  • How and when Direct Read is used
  • What kinds of queries can be offloaded and why
  • How chained rows are processed on Exadata
  • How HCC is processed on Exadata
  • Multi-tenant support in Exadata 12.1
  • HA and Diagnostics for SmartScan

Roger has a BA and D.Phil from the University of Oxford. He has 10 years in multi-dimensional databases and 10 years as Manager then Architect for Sybase IQ Columnar Database Query Engine and Optimizer. After joining Oracle, Roger spent 2 years in the DataGuard group in Nashua, NH, followed by 7 years in the DST (Data/Space/Transaction) Group at HQ. He is a member of the DBIM team (a.k.as IMDB) and a member of the Big Data SQL team.

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