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July 22, 2014

In-Memory Option - Frank Darwesh, Oracle

I want to start out this month by congratulating our hosts at New Horizons on doing great business these days. Their good fortune in booking a lot of classes unfortunately means they don't have a room for us this month. No worries, our good friends at Eagle Datagistics have just been waiting in the wings to help us out (as they always do). In this case, they have offered up their new facililty on the 10th floor of the First Bank building in downtown St. Pete to host this month's meeting. They are located at 111 2nd Ave NE and a parking garage is at the base of the building. Join us for our standard 6-6:30pm refreshments and networking followed by Frank's presentation at 6:30pm.

Oracle recently announced availability of the Oracle Database In-Memory option. This option when added to your standard Oracle Enterprise Edition RDBMS is designed to accelerate database performance for analytics, data warehousing, reporting and online transaction processing (OLTP). Oracle's unique in-memory optimizations enable real-time ad-hoc analytics on live transactional data while also accelerating OLTP. Full table scans on large tables can now process hundreds of millions of rows a second on hardware that previously would only manage tens of thousands.

Join us this month as Oracle's Frank Darwesh gives an overview of Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Option. Time and logistics permitting, we'll also try a live hands-on demo.

Frank Darwesh is a Senior Enterprise Architect with 17+ years of experience in wide range of Information Technology Products, industry best practices, business processes and IT transformation architectural knowledge with unique combination of technical and business experience coupled with extensive knowledge of the IT industry that ensures the strategic alignment between business and IT. Frank has over 14+ years of comprehensive hands-on experience in architecting, installation, management and support for mission critical systems. He currently works for the Southeast Sales Consulting organization at Oracle helping customers with strategic cross-organization initiatives (such as Oracle on Oracle, Cloud, Big Data, and Information Architecture).

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