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July 23, 2013

Oracle 12c New Features - David Bayard, Oracle Corp.

We've been hearing rumours and gossip about various new features in Oracle's "next generation" database for almost a year now, mostly based on insider info from various Beta testers. The official 12c release date finally arrived on July 1 and I am delighted to announce that David Bayard will be joining us this month to tell us about all of the new features (and options) that made the cut.

David is an Oracle veteran with over 20 years experience at Oracle. He has worked in a variety of organizations, including Oracle's Public Sector and Commercial Accounts teams. He has provided invaluable expertise to a wide variety of Oracle customer organizations and companies throughout his career. Dave is an Oracle Enterprise Architect and a "Distinguished Oracle Sales Consultant" for Oracle's pre-sales team. He works with strategic customers to help them solve business problems with Oracle software and hardware. Dave has worked for Oracle since 1992 and has lived in the Tampa area since 2000.

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