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August 23, 2012

Determining Your Oracle IO Performance Profile - Mike Ault, Texas Memory Systems

Most people realize that database performance is often closely aligned to I/O performance. But how do I know how much I/O my database is using? How do I know how much I/O capacity my system has? This month, Mike Ault joins us to discuss these and other topics. In his presentation, Mike will show how to use several IO monitoring tools to help you to determine your IO profiles. Once an IO profile is determined it can be utilized with tools such as IOMeter and Orion to test IO subsystems without having to install Oracle or example databases. Mike will also discuss what to do should you determine that your IO profile shows your existing IO subsystem is not able to support your current, or projected IO loads.

Mike Ault is an internationally renowned Oracle guru. He has authored or co-authored over 24 Oracle books, including the first editions of the popular Oracle Certification "Exam Cram" books. With over 20 years experience in Oracle technology, Mike is currently employeed by Texas Memory Systems. TMS is a leading manufacturer of solid state storage systems including their industry leading RamSan systems.

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