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November 11, 2010

Object Oriented Development in PL/SQL - Mike Kemp

Our November meeting is pulled in to the 2nd Thursday due to Thanksgiving. SOUG Board member Mike Kemp will be our featured speaker.

Object-oriented development in PL/SQL: How and why, with an emphasis on how.

Mike will cover briefly the most common concepts involved in object-oriented development and move quickly to examples of implementing as many of them as possible in proof-of-concept, real-world examples. The presentation will be as interactive as Mike can make it, allowing and soliciting attendees to contribute their own insight into the subject material. PL/SQL is, by a vast margin, known best as a procedural "functionally decomposition based" language in spite of the fact that OO-features have been available in the language since version 8. Come explore a profound shift in thought, method, approach and implementation in what, by the topic's requirement, will be a first step in a proverbial thousand-mile journey.

Mike Kemp is an IT professional with over 15 years' experience developing database applications. Starting with a custom billing system using Microsoft Works after leaving his job at United Parcel Service to launch his own overnight and same-day delivery service, he progressed steadily through the technology stack. From Works it was to developing client-server applications using Microsoft Access for the financial industry with a local mortgage company. From Access it was to "freq'ing" data with SAS working for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street, and from SAS to Oracle for a local barnburning mortgage company (in our best year we wrote, processed and funded over 70,000 mortgages). Mr. Kemp has spent the majority of his career working with Oracle: 90% of that time spent in development. He now develops PL/SQL applications for the Regulatory Reporting Division of Citibank in Tampa.

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