Meeting Details:

September 23, 2010

DBA 1.0 vs. DBA 2.0 Revisited - Chuck Egerter and Team

The guys from Eagle Business Solutions will be presenting an update of the DBA 1.0 vs. DBA 2.0 challenge. You may have seen an earlier version of this during one of last year's Oracle Road Shows. This time it'll be updated to include enhancements from the latest 11g technology. Come see if the old-school ways of DBA 1.0 can stand up to the new-fangled, point-and-click approach of DBA 2.0.

A long time supporter of the SOUG, Eagle Business Solutions is a local consulting firm specializing in all things Oracle. They are a Certified Oracle Business Partner, Pillar Data Systems partner, and FalconStor partner. Eagle can provide hosted services in their Solid Cloud, application development, remote and on-site DBA services, training, and Software Licensing.

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