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May 27, 2010

OLTP DBA's Guide to OLAP - Stewart Bryson

The OLTP DBA's Guide to Delivering a Dimensional Model

Fresh from his recent visit to LasVegas for IOUG's Collaborate2010, Rittman Mead's Stewart Bryson will be our featured presenter this month. Stewart offered to speak on a number of Data Warehousing topics, including 11g New Features for DW, Oracle Warehouse Builder, etc. We have selected his presentation which focuses on helping the traditional OLTP DBA's with what they need to know to successfully deliver a dimensional model (a ROLAP implementation of a star schema, if you will) in Oracle. This is not the extra cost OLAP option. This is using your base database functionality and features. As time permits, I'm sure he'll entertain your questions on the other topics in his field of expertise.

Rittman Mead is a global company, originally founded in the UK, which specializes in Oracle Business Intelligence. Stewart is the Managing Director for Rittman Mead America and has been designing, building, and supporting complex database systems and data warehouses since 1996. Stewart is an active participant in the Oracle community and has presented at various users groups and forums across the US and the UK. And a final interesting tidbit, he holds a Masters in Philosophy. I always knew one needed a philosophical approach when doing database work....

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