Meeting Details:

February 25, 2010

Unit Testing and SQL Developer - Syme Kutz, Oracle

We are pleased to have one of the original coders of Oracle's SQL Developer product, Syme Kutz, as our speaker this month. Syme will be speaking on Unit Testing in general as well as some of the latest SQL Developer features that aid the process.

In case the name Syme Kutz doesn't ring a bell with some of you, he joined Oracle in 1995 working for Cary Millsap's Systems Performance Group. After about 8 years of tuning work in Oracle's Consulting division, Syme went to work for Max Schierson tuning internal applicatoins at Oracle HQ. He became a key player in the evolution of the APEX project for a time and then, teamed with Kris Rice, began the SQL Developer project. Syme is currently a Senior Architect in Oracle's Database Tools Group focused on SQL Developer.

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