Meeting Details:

October 22, 2009

DOUBLE MEETING!!! 11gR2 Launch and Object Oriented Design

This month will be an extended meeting with two separate presentations. In the interest of time, we will begin the first presentation promptly at 6pm (refreshments will be available starting at 5:30). An Oracle representative will open the evening discussing the Oracle 11gR2 release.
At 7:30pm, SOUG's Mike Kemp will be speaking on Oracle's Object-Oriented Design capabilities. RDBMS, OODBMS and ORDBMS: The acronyms are so similar as to be nearly indistinguishable. Is the meaning behind them close in meaning as well? Or are they wildly divergent? What was ever wrong with RDBMS, and why would it be superceded by OODBMS or ORDBMS? Is object-oriented development an interesting academic exercise, a preferential style or is it a concrete idea that has the potential to add real value to your organization/project?
Tonight, Mike Kemp will define object-oriented development as it applies to computer languages in general, give a 90-mile-an-hour overview of how a few languages have implemented the idea and then slow down a bit to explore in greater detail how Oracle is implementing these concepts in PL/SQL. In the process, you will learn where object-oriented design came from, how it progressed through the decades since the time of its original implementation, where Oracle is with it today and what it can (and cannot) do for you.

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