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February 26, 2009

Cloud Computing, Web 2.0 and Cyber Security - David Knox

Linking Headlines to Reality - Oracle Security expert David Knox will be joining us for this month's presentation. There's a lot going on in IT today that dramatically affects how IT does IT and how IT impacts business. Security is often the linchpin in determining the reality behind embracing these emerging computing buzz words and paradigms. David Knox addresses this topic and the implications of these new and popular terms with respect to Information Security.

David Knox is currently Senior Director for Oracle's National Security Group where he orchestrates and executes key business strategies and activities for Oracle's customers working in the Intelligence Community. Mr. Knox recently ran the Solution Engineering division for Oracle North American Sales and Consulting where he oversaw Solutions Development and R&D Innovation for all Oracle technologies. Mr. Knox has also held positions as Senior Director of the Oracle Protected Enterprise & Security Business, and as Chief Engineer for Oracle's Information Assurance Center.

Mr. Knox is the author of Effective Oracle Database 10g Security By Design (McGraw-Hill 2004). His other published work includes security contributions to Expert One on One Oracle, by Thomas Kyte (Worx Press 2001) and Mastering Oracle PL/SQL: Practical Solutions (Apress December 2003). He has also authored several Oracle white papers. Mr. Knox earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and a master's degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

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