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March 27, 2008

11g New Features for DBAs and Developers - Charles Kim

This month will be another in our "Bringing You the Guy Who Wrote the Book on..." series. In our on-going efforts to bring in the internationally known names in the Oracle community, we are pleased to have Charles Kim as this month's guest speaker. Charles is the author of "Oracle Database 11g New Features for DBAs and Developers" for Apress and the technical editor for Oracle Press's "Automated Storage Management" book. He also wrote the Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) case study for Oracle's TechNet website.

Charles will be discussing various topics from his 11g book. Developers will relate to lot of the topics from the Data Warehousing, Streams, Security, and Data Pump chapters. We will definitely have sections on PL/SQL, XML and Java. The DBAs in the audience will be particularly interested in info from the chapters dedicated to Data Guard, ASM/Direct NFS, Streams, Application Development, and Data Warehousing on top of the regular database administration subjects.

With over 17 years of IT experience, Charles Kim is currently Practice Director at Database Technology Solutions. Having worked with Oracle since 1991, Charles has served at Fidelity National Information Services, GMAC Mortgage, i2 Technologies, and Oracle Corporation. He is a regular speaker at IOUG and OpenWorld on such topics as RAC, ASM, 7x24 High-Availability, Advanced Replication, Hot Standby, 11g New Features, and Quest Shareplex. He also manages the DBAExpert.com and OraRAC.com websites.

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