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October 25, 2007

Data in the Stream, Integrating Oracle Streams and DataGuard - John Garmany

Continuing our efforts to bring in the finest authors in the Oracle community, this month we are bringing in the guy who wrote Oracle 10g Application Server Administration Handbook (amongst others). John also writes for Oracle Internals magazine and is a West Point graduated Airborne Ranger with over 20 years of IT experience.

John will be speaking about DataGuard and using Streams Replication.

Oracle Streams provides an efficient, flexible method to replicate data. Many times it is used to offload reporting and other high impact SQL from the production database. Dataguard provides data protection by managing a standby database in a ready state. Protecting replicated databases using DataGuard introduces some unique problems that must be addressed to ensure that your replicated data is protected. This presentation covers integrating Oracle Streams with DataGuard, focusing on configuration options, failover methods, and failover/recovery requirements. By understanding how the separate pieces go together, you will be ready when disaster strikes.

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