Meeting Details:

September 28, 2006

Oracle Tools for Visual Studio

Did you know that you can write Oracle Stored Procedures in C#.Net? Mr. J.T. Taylor, will show the motivation for doing so with real-world examples that demonstrate the power of leveraging .NET from within Oracle. Mr. Taylor will give an overview of the installation and setup of the environment followed by a step-by-step tutorial on creating, deploying, executing, and especially debugging .NET and PL/SQL Oracle stored procedures all from within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE.

Mr. Taylor has been an Oracle Developer for over 9 years and is currently Vice President of the Central Florida Oracle Users Group, and Secretary of the Orlando .NET Users Group. He is the Executive Vice President of EaglePower Solutions Inc. and CEO of TaylorMade Software Inc., companies that specialize in Oracle and .NET development for the financial arena.

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