Meeting Details:

April 27, 2006

Chris Warticki - Oracle's Remote Diagnostic Aid (RDA)

Did you know that MetaLink has a free download that will allow you to take a snapshot of the state of your Oracle envionment at any time? It captures all kinds of interesting data about your database and packages it all in HTML format for viewing in your favorite web browser.

Chris Warticki, Senior Manager and Product Service Advisor with Oracle Support Services will be presenting the latest RDA, it's functionality and new features. Addtionally, Chris will be demonstrating the next evolution of the MetaLink Support portal - My Configurations and Projects.

Chris has been with Oracle Support for the last 8 years, former manager of Database Admin, Parallel Server and Replication Support teams. As a Product Service Advisor, Chris works with all customers to help them leverage their investment with Oracle Support Services. Chris has been a presenter at IOUG, OAUG, HRSIG, HEUG and other regional and local user's groups.

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