SOUG Membership Application

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Title: ________________________________________________________________________________

Company: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________ State: ________ Zip: ______________

Office Phone: ______________________________ E-mail Address: _____________________________

Oracle Product Profile:

Oracle Experience:        BEGINNER          INTERMEDIATE       ADVANCED

 Please tell us what systems and products you are most familiar with:

__  IBM MVS/VM/VSE            __  VMS    __  UNIX/ULTRIX

__  Windows NT/2000              __  OS2     __  MAC OS

__  Windows 95/98/Me             __  Linux    __  Other ________________________

Please rank in order of importance the following topics on a scale of 1 (most important) to 3 (least important):

__  Administering the Database                 __  Delivering Business Intelligence

 __  Implementing Data Warehouses          __  Developing and Deploying Your Applications

 __  Managing the iDatabase                     __  Supporting Enterprise Resource Planning

 __  Succeeding as a Professional               __  Modeling and Designing Your Applications

 __  Building Web-based Solutions             __  Improving application performance


Membership Dues: ___________________ Membership Type: ____________________

 Payment Type: (Cash/Check/PayPal)______________________ Make checks payable to:  SOUG.

Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Please mail application and payment to:

Suncoast Oracle User Group
c/o Troy Ligon
2807 Winding Trail Drive
Valrico, FL 33596


The membership fees for SOUG are as follows:

Individual: $40/year
Corporate: $200/year (good for 10 employees)

Or pay with your VISA via PayPal:
Individual: $40/year
Corporate: $200/year